phTEAM Healthcare Analytics Platform

More than just data.

Our technology simplifies extremely complex data sets by creating visual overlays to entire markets - your improvement solutions will immediately be identifiable and actionable.

The best data in the industry

phTEAM's database is the largest of its kind, the most current, and most complete in the healthcare industry.

  • Over 3.75 billion claims records.
  • Current within the past 30 days.
  • Full continuum of care including Pre-Acute, Acute, and Post-Acute.

A whole new world of insight into your care networks

40-60% patient leakage in care networks is very common. Our technology gives you comprehensive insight into local market dynamics allowing you to visually see who is referring to where and to what degree.

Your physicians are referring patients out of your network - with phTEAM you can quickly understand loyalty and volume across all your physicians.

Use our platform to create programs to drive the patients you want to your facilities, work with physicians to help grow and extend their practice, and uncover root cause issues in your network.

Interested in how loyal physicians are to your hospital?

Try our Market Map technology from the phTEAM platform!

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phTEAM provides actionable analytics, identifying patient leakage, referral trends
& coding risks allowing care networks to easily create executable strategies that:

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