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Empowering you to...

Protect and Grow Revenue
Lower Costs of Care
Predict Early Onset of Diseases
Optimize Provider Networks

Perception Health enables forward looking healthcare organizations to advance these initiatives every day.

With precise data assets, unique cloud-based solutions, and healthcare experts ready to support you, we provide the key insights to guide your business to the next level of success.

Who We Help

Healthcare Providers - We provide the tools you need to improve the quality of care while lowering the costs. Eliminating blind spots so you can protect and grow revenue through new patient acquisition and improved physician alignment. Learn how.

Healthcare Partners - We work with Consultants, Software/Product Vendors, Payers, Market Research and Financial Services Firms, and more who benefit from using our robust data and analytics to illuminate opportunities to achieve their goals.

Self-insured Employers - Employers want happy, healthy, and productive employees. We provide a clear view of your employees' health and the risks they face, while helping you lower costs and improving the quality of care they receive. Read on.

How We Help

TEAM™ Powered by Perception Health

Protect and grow revenue, improve provider alignment, and increase your market share using the TEAM platform. See a complete picture of what’s happening in your market, for both your organization and competitors.

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CARE™ Powered by Perception Health

Spot indicators of disease before diagnosis. Quickly analyze billions of medical claims to identify risk factors of early disease onset or surgical procedure. Select physicians and match patients to providers in order to optimize their care pathway for the best treatment. Diagnose and treat earlier to improve the quality of life for patients and families.

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