Our Team

Perception Health's team brings together passion, skill, integrity, and vision to direct the company in its mission to guide the health industry in using data and analytics for the improvement of lives in the communities they serve. Collectively, the leadership has 130+ years of professional expertise in growing companies and leveraging innovative technologies and data for industry disruption.

J. Tod Fetherling, Founder / Chief Data Scientist

Gregg Loughman, Chief Executive Officer

Todd Charest, Chief Product Officer

Matt Welsch,
Vice President, Customer and Partner Success

Dan Foreman,
Vice President, Finance and Administration

Chris Mulvey, Health Analyst

Emily Arevalo, Senior Health Analyst

Fin Sarratt, Business Development

Chip Henslee, Marketing

Luke Wylie, Product Manager

Nic Enko,
Manager, Healthcare Analytics

Ava Zannino, Business Development

Conner Cooper,
IT Manager

Ken Pitts, Man behind the curtain

Josh Lloyd, Software Engineer

Hannah Gray,
Analyst Intern

David Jones,
SQL Data Analyst

Monique Pasley,
CARE Clinical Product Manager

Steve Gaffney, Sr. Backend Engineer

Hallie Ruble, Health Analyst