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CARE™ | Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Network Optimization

Powerful Predictive Healthcare Analytics Platform Optimizing Care Outcomes and Health System Efficiency

The CARE™ platform provides actionable insights that will help you:

Predict Disease

Our disease prediction models empower healthcare providers to identify patients trending towards a disease or surgical procedure, contact them for early intervention, and provide the necessary care with better outcomes and at lower costs.

Match Physicians

Our continually evolving VOCAL™ Physician Scoring and Matching algorithm scores physicians on key metrics to find optimal providers, referring physicians, Accountable Care Organizations, self-insured employers, and more.

Optimize Care

Our predictive health platform identifies early onset risk factors and helps assemble the optimal  care teams and pathways to achieve the best outcomes at the best prices, helping drive your operation toward a Value-Based Care delivery model.

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Employ Industry-Leading Predictive Health Modeling to Identify and Engage Patients Trending Toward a Disease or Surgical Procedure

Using predictive modeling and machine learning techniques, combined with the expertise of our data scientists, we have created over 50 disease prediction models to provide better care for your patient population.

The predictive models in our CARE™ platform analyze billions of medical claims to identify risk factors of early disease onset or surgical procedure. With this information, diagnosis and treatment can happen earlier, potentially saving lives.

"Our algorithms evaluate de-identified patient claims records and create scores that can identify early indicators of a particular disease or the need for a surgical procedure. We then advise hospitals on how to re-identify these patients so the hospital can reach out to them for screenings," says Todd Charest, Chief Product Officer for Perception Health

With the disease prediction models in our CARE™ platform, healthcare providers can identify patients trending towards a disease or surgical procedure, contact them for early intervention, and provide more precise and timely care that often leads to better outcomes and lower costs.

Quantify Critical Metrics to Algorithmically Score and Match Patients with Optimal Physicians

Our VOCAL™ Physician Matching and Care Quality can help you achieve better and more affordable care by “prescribing” the best match between patient and providers. Our VOCAL™ algorithmic scoring systems quantifies inputs on:

  • Claims Volume
  • Sum of Charges
  • Time to Access
  • Loyalty
  • Patient Outcomes

Each of the VOCAL™ factors varies in terms of importance to patients, clinical leadership, and health system administration; therefore, Perception Health’s VOCAL™ physician matching algorithm allows a user to weigh each factor individually to identify an ideal match for a particular situation.

For example, adjusting the weights of the algorithm can allow a user to find a specialist for a patient that best suits the patient’s individual preference, identify a new physician to recruit to a hospital or physician group, or even determine the best strategy for managing physician networks and insurance costs.

Assemble the Optimal Care Teams and Pathways to Achieve the Best Outcomes at the Best Prices

Once a population has been analyzed and the risk factors for the population correctly predicted, the next logical step is to use the same technology to predict which providers can give the best outcomes at the lowest price to the patient.

Our holistic and analytic CARE™ platform does just this by harmonizing our industry-leading predictive health modeling for disease identification and our algorithm physician matching to assemble optimized care teams and patient pathway.

Billions of iterations can be run today on a given community for a given procedure or diagnosis. Earlier this year we determined that two physicians in the same practice in New Orleans do the most surgical procedures for a specific surgery. Combined, they do ten times more than all of the surgeons in Nashville combined for this one procedure.

If the industry truly wants the best outcome for the patient, it is time we use this technology and math to determine who provides the best outcomes, access, and price.

Use our invaluable data and insight on provider quality and outcomes to complete your transition from fee-for-service to value-based care delivery models.

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