Making the Connection between Coronavirus Cases and Claims

COVID-19 Data Briefs

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What's the data lag?

Beginning in April, Perception Health began a process to filter Covid-19 medical claims records and place these claims in a separate database for ongoing analysis. Below is the latest analysis of this growing database.

As of the week of May 24, 2020 there were 174,714 active patients in our database. Of these patients, 171,619 had a confirmed case of Covid-19 using laboratory testing (diagnosis codes U071and RA010), and 3,620 were suspected to have Covid-19 but the laboratory confirmation was inconclusive (diagnosis codes U072 and RA011).

The top ten evaluation/management and procedure codes with these patients were the same as reported last week.

Covid-19 Cases in Claims Data

In this week’s analysis, we see a strong tracking between the number of Covid-19 cases reported by states and the number of diagnoses appearing in commercial claims data.

As the graph below explains, there was an initial two-week lag for the claims to catch up to the cases reported by the state. This was partially due in part to CMS releasing the official Covid-19 procedure codes on April 1, 2020. In addition, some patients may have had the virus but had mild to no symptoms, so they were not diagnosed as having the coronavirus.

Daily totals of active patients suspected to have Covid-19

As we analyzed our database of commercial medical claims records, we tracked the daily counts of patients diagnosed with code U072 - Suspected case of Covid-19. As testing increased and providers became more adept at diagnosing the coronavirus, the numbers of U072 codes declined over time.

Daily totals of active patients diagnosed with Covid-19

However, when we analyze the medical claims records in our database of active patients, we see more robust daily totals of diagnosed patients. These patients have the diagnosis code of U071 - Confirmed case of Covid-19. Again, as the coronavirus progressed, healthcare providers became more adept at recognizing and diagnosing the disease.

Note: Since it takes approximately 30-45 days for our data set to have a complete picture of commercial claims for a particular date, we have color-coded the daily totals in the graph below according to their lag time. The daily totals to the left (green) are at their peak. The lighter daily totals may increase as more time for collection occurs.

Progression of U.S. population as Covid-19 Patients

Finally, through our collection of Covid-19 data from state and county health agencies, we can track the daily changes in testing and outcomes and apply them to the U.S. population. The illustration below is based on data as of May 24, 2020. Review today’s totals here.

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