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Gaining new, timely insights into treatment of coronavirus patients.

Top providers emerge.

Beginning in April, Perception Health began a process to filter Covid-19 claims and pull these claims into a separate database for ongoing analysis. Below is the early data and descriptive analytics associated summary.

During the week of May 17, 2020 there were 145,260 active patients in our database. Of these patients, 142,371 had a confirmed case of Covid-19 using laboratory testing (diagnosis codes U071and RA010), and 3,330 were suspected to have Covid-19 but the laboratory confirmation was inconclusive (diagnosis codes U072 and RA011).

The patients came from the following financial classes:

  • Commercial - 123,779
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield - 13,816
  • Medicare Advantage - 3,790
  • Medicaid - 3,232
  • Champus - 67
  • Workers Compensation - 12

The top procedures that these patients received were:

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The top rendering providers that saw these patients were:

A deeper dive into the claims rendered by Dr. Hanan Salman, a highly regarded pediatrician specializing in allergies, shows that 80% of her patients were diagnosed with U072 (suspected Covid-19) and 90% of her patients received a telephone consultation instead of an office visit.

We suspect that her high placement on this list was due to many concerned parents in New York calling her during the height of the pandemic to determine if they needed to get their child tested for Covid-19.

The top billing providers for these patients were:

When we first started tracking these patients, Teledoc Physicians was the top billing provider of the active Covid-19 patients (the company has a call center in Lewisville, TX but is headquartered in Purchase, NY). They have now dropped to number four on the list. Our data shows a peak in visits to this provider during the first week of April.

After April 8, 2020 visits still occur but they have decreased significantly. The patients who consulted with Teledoc Physicians in early April went on to see CityMD Urgent Care and NHPP Cardiology at Great Neck, which is likely why they jumped on the list. This likely means that patients used this telehealth service to confirm that they could potentially have Covid-19 before going into a clinic.

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