Service Line Management Trends in COVID-19 Cases

COVID-19 Data Briefs

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Beginning in April, Perception Health began a process to identify Covid-19 medical claims records and place these claims in a separate database for ongoing analysis.

We then filtered these de-identified patient records against our vast data warehouse to create more robust patient histories. We also analyzed the procedures and treatments in the claims records to gauge the impact of Covid-19 on the hospitals and providers that care for these patients.

"We are learning a lot about Covid-19 from claims data," says Kevin B. Johnson, M.D. from Vanderbilt University Medical Center. "Most importantly, patterns are emerging that confirm the cardiovascular impact of this disease, as well as the role for rehabilitation due to prolonged ICU stays and immobility. These data suggest a need for careful follow up for any hospitalized patient with Covid-19 because of the multi-system nature of the illness."

As of the week of May 31, 2020, there were 199,218 active patients in our database representing 510,361 claims records and $327 million in charges.

Categories of HCPCS Codes

Utilizing codes in the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS), the table below shows the categories of services the patients are consuming. 73% of the patients received an Evaluation and Management code, used for office visits, inpatient care, emergency department visits, consultations, etc. The pathology number was lower than expected, given that category includes tests for Covid-19. Only 16% of the patients used a pathology service.

Types of HCPCS Codes

A broader look at the types of HCPCS identified in the medical claims records shows expected usage of the patient management codes. Similar to the lower than expected code for pathology in the table above, the code type for laboratory work is also lower than expected. Perhaps as symptoms for Covid-19 became more recognizable among healthcare providers, the need for lab work decreased.

Top Ten Bodily Systems Listed in Covid-19 Claims Records

The tracking of which bodily systems are most examined for the effects of Covid-19 points to the healthcare industry's desire to learn as much as possible about the novel coronavirus. While news about the effects of the coronavirus centered at first on the lungs and respiratory system, the data below shows more interest by healthcare providers on the effects of the disease on the heart and the blood system.

Service Lines Identified in Covid-19 Claims Records

Upon filtering the medical claims records in the active database of Covid-19 patients, we also totaled the number of patients based upon the service line definitions used by healthcare providers. These service lines cover the diagnostic services of a hospital, but also services involving ambulatory care, home health, mental health, wellness, and more.

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