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Success Story - Lung Cancer Detection

Key Results: FIVE successful diagnosis in FIVE months after identifying 1,087 patients to target with medical communications about lung cancer screening.

The Health System

Our Client is a Florida-based Academic Medical Center that includes two teaching hospitals, multiple specialty hospitals, a few community hospitals, and multiple physician groups.

The Challenge

The community this medical center serves is known to have a high lung cancer population. In response, the medical center decided to run a marketing campaign in order to increase the number of lung cancer screenings they perform to increase their intervention rates. They were seeking ways to improve the identification and timing of care while simultaneously growing their revenue.

The Solutions

Using the insights driven from Perception Health’s CARE™ lung cancer prediction model, the medical center administrators were able to identify at-risk cases for lung cancer in their population and engage these at-risk patients through a direct mail campaign, which informed targeted patients about the risks of lung cancer.

The Results

Perception Health began working with a Florida-based Academic Medical Center in March 2019 to leverage its data modeling for lung cancer detection (one of over 50 models in our CARE™ platform.) The Academic Medical Center sent Perception Health de-identified records of patient claims from their system during the 2018 calendar year.

Perception Health ran that data through our lung cancer detection prediction model (one of 50+ models in our CARE™ platform) to determine the risk levels for the patients in the system. The CARE™ model identified 1,087 patients for the center to target with communication about lung cancer screening. The marketing team at the Florida-based Academic Medical Center sent a direct flyer to those patients in May  2019, and the Academic Medical Center had already diagnosed five of the patients who were determined to be at risk for lung cancer by September of that year.

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