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Success Story - Physician Loyalty

Key Results: + 8.6% Total Patient Revenues, + 4% Market Share

The Health System

Our customer, a 181-bed regional medical center and part of a five-facility health system in a South Central state, generated year-over-year growth in market share using the TEAM platform to analyze and optimize physician engagement strategies.

The Challenge

In December 2017, TEAM revealed that affiliated physicians were splitting their referrals between our customer (their primary organization) and competitive organizations in the same market. These splits were affecting revenue goals and the consistency of care that the medical center provides for their patients.

The Solutions

With the actionable details revealed in the TEAM platform, medical center administrators were able to quickly identify those specialists with whom they had an opportunity to capture more business (Splitters = capture rate between 75% and 25%). Just as important, they were also able to identify their most loyal primary care and specialist physicians (Loyalists = capture rate greater than 75%) to reinforce those strong relationships.

The Results

The medical center effectively grew its market share by focusing on building loyalty with key physicians. This highly effective strategy grew the number of loyal physicians by 36% from 72 to 98 in the following 12 months.

Physician treatment visits shared with the medical center grew by 65%, physician treatment visits shared with other providers grew by 37%, and total physician treatment visits grew by 45% to 2,413,267. All visits resulted in a 4% gain in market share and an 8.6% growth in total patient revenue, driven by strong outpatient visits within their community.

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