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Success Story - Service Line Growth

Key Results: +18.8% avg. market share, +18% patient revenues, +170% EBITDA

The Health System

Our customer is a three-facility health system serving communities in a South Atlantic state. The system includes a 189-bed tertiary care center, a 25-bed critical access, acute care hospital, and a 70-bed general medical and surgical hospital.

The Challenge

In September 2018, the health system led by a new management team was tasked by the Board of Directors to increase revenue and market share across multiple service lines through increased surgical volumes. The Cardiology service line was specifically identified for growth due to new specialty heart procedures that were being introduced in early 2019.

The Solutions

In December 2018, the health system interviewed multiple market intelligence firms and purchased Perception Health’s market intelligence platform TEAM™.  The health system was able to immediately begin using the extensive platform for reporting and targeted visualizations designed to show the market makers.

Stronger Physician Alignment

Using the TEAM platform, along with analyst support from Perception Health, health system staff created physician opportunity lists identifying physicians as either Loyalists (physicians referring >75% of their patients to the system) or Splitters (physicians referring between 25% and 75% of their patients to the system).

The physician relationship team on staff paid special attention to the Splitters, especially those who were sending patients to a competing health system. Equipped with trended referral data from the TEAM platform for the past 12 months, the physician relationship team solidified relationships with Splitters and turned most of them into Loyalists. They further enhanced relationships with an already strong base of Loyalists, increasing their loyalty to the health system.

The Results

The physician relationship team visited hundreds of providers who have referred patients to the health system. As a result of their efforts, the system achieved double-digit market share gains in six target service lines. In the first 12 months of engaging with Perception Health, the health system saw revenue increase by 18% and EBITDA increase by 170%!

Successful Direct Mail Program

In 2019, the health system was chosen to participate in national clinical trials for the innovative WATCHMAN device, which reduces the risk of stroke for atrial fibrillation (AFib) patients.

The system's marketing team capitalized on this opportunity by sending a postcard to patients identified in their patient profiles for the program. Perception Health also identified where the population is at risk of a cardiac event. This data was provided to marketing and they created a campaign to improve the health of this vulnerable population.

Part of the cardiology service line growth is attributable to the direct mail program in which 500 postcards were sent to prospective patients with information about the WATCHMAN device. The program generated 17 WATCHMAN procedures in the first 60 days, resulting in more than $900,000 in new revenue and an ROI of $1,800 for every $.35 postcard sent.

These results were presented to the Board of Directors and more procedures are now being targeted throughout the region using Perception Health’s TEAM™ and CARE™ platforms.

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