In these difficult days, Perception Health can make a difference

It’s our business to know what helps hospitals grow, so Perception Health understands why these days are so tough on your operations and your employees. That’s why we created our Three-Step Program to Increase Revenue during and after the Covid-19 pandemic. This program will help your facility ramp up services at the pace you need to serve and support your employees and your community.

1. Grow Surgical Volumes
As instances of the coronavirus subside in certain areas, more hospitals are resuming elective surgeries. With our Surgical Growth Report, we can target the specific diseases in your community that are driving inpatient/outpatient/ambulatory surgery market share. By focusing on these service lines, you can quickly maximize revenue opportunities. For instance, if you want to grow market share in orthopedics, we can send you a summary of the top ten orthopedic procedures, the top ten providers performing orthopedic services, and the top ten referring orthopedists in your market on a monthly basis. Contact us for pricing of your customized Surgical Growth Report.

2. Increase Physician Referrals
You can jumpstart certain specialties back toward previous levels by increasing direct communications with top referring physicians. By using our TEAM™ platform, you can visualize the referral patterns of all physicians in your community, not just YOUR physicians. See how many patients are coming to you and how many are going to your competitor. Are there a couple of key physicians you can visit to improve relationships and referrals to your hospital? TEAM™ will guide you and your operations to increase referrals and maximize revenue. Contact us for a demo of the TEAM™ platform.

3. Target Future Patients
With CARE™, our disease prediction and optimization platform, we can help you contact those patients trending towards more than 45 other diseases / procedures identified in your community’s medical claims records. The platform’s predictive models sift through billions of medical claims records to identify risk factors of early disease onset or surgical procedure. In addition, the VOCAL™ Physician Assessment built into the CARE™ platform can help you assess physicians and match patients to providers in order to optimize their care pathway for the best treatments. Contact us for a demo of the CARE™ platform.

During this pandemic, one thing rings true: those that work together can survive and thrive. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you.