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Working on a Cure
With a shared sense of urgency from officials and hospitals around the world looking, New York-based Regeneron's Research & Development team is working around the clock to develop a treatment for the coronavirus.
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Flu vs. COVID-19
Every day researchers are recognizing similarities and differences between the flu and COVID-19. While 80% of all coronavirus patients have mild to moderate symptoms, its death rate is much higher than the flu. "It's about ten times more lethal than the seasonal flu," said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease, in congressional testimony on March 11. Read more on NPR.

Two Strains of COVID-19?
According to an analysis of 103 cases of patients with the coronavirus, the magazine New Scientist reports that there are two distinct strains of the disease spreading around the world. The team identified two types of the virus based on differences in the genome at these two regions: 72 were considered to be the “L-type” and 29 were classed “S-type.”However, there is no evidence, states the WHO, that the virus has been changing. Read more.