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We have discontinued our daily collection and analysis of state and county reported data related to the Covid-19 coronavirus. This information is still available from state and local health agencies, national and local media, and the CDC. This change will allow us more time to do what we do best: assisting our clients in solving complex problems with actionable insights that lead to growth. We will periodically present new Coronavirus briefs and reports that further validate scientific findings or when we discover new insights that require further exploration through advanced analytics.

Appendixes - U.S. State Data - April-June 14, 2020

The following appendixes supplement the COVID-19 information displayed in the June 7, 2020 Brief.

Fatalities as a Percent of Hospitalizations
The following table looks at state fatality rates for all hospitalizations attributed to COVID-19. The percentage is calculated by dividing the total number of deaths by the number of hospitalizations during this time period. It is important to note that the CDC standard definition for death due to COVID-19 is not reported uniformly across the U.S., which affects the comparisons between individual states. For this data set, we included the calculated U.S. rate plus reported data from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Note: A high number equates to people passing away before getting to the hospital. A number close to 1 means that close to same number of people are being hospitalized as are dying. A number below 1 means that there are few fatalities or nearly everyone who was hospitalized recovered from the disease.

Rank State Fatalities as a Percent of Hospitalizations
Nationwide United States 0.7
1 Vermont 11.0
2 Connecticut 2.9
3 (Tie) Rhode Island 2.6
Pennsylvania 2.6
5 New Jersey 1.7
6 (Tie) Maryland 1.6
Louisiana 1.6
Iowa 1.6
9 Michigan 1.5
10 (Tie) Delaware 1.4
West Virginia 1.4
12 (Tie) North Carolina 1.3
Illinois 1.3
14 Massachusetts 1.2
15 California 1.1
16 Missouri 1.0
17 Texas 0.9
18 Mississippi 0.8
19 New Hampshire 0.6
20 (Tie) South Carolina 0.5
New York 0.5
Oklahoma 0.5
23 (Tie) North Dakota 0.4
Ohio 0.4
Minnesota 0.4
26 (Tie) Alabama 0.3
Idaho 0.3
Maine 0.3
Arizona 0.3
Colorado 0.3
Wyoming 0.3
Virginia 0.3
New Mexico 0.3
Georgia 0.3
35 (Tie) Kansas 0.2
Montana 0.2
Florida 0.2
Washington 0.2
Alaska 0.2
35 (Tie) Tennessee 0.2
Wisconsin 0.2
Hawaii 0.2
Arkansas 0.2
44 (Tie) South Dakota 0.1
Utah 0.1
Oregon 0.1
47 District of Columbia No Data
48 Nevada No Data
49 Kentucky No Data
50 Nebraska No Data
51 Indiana/td> No Data

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