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Perception Health Joins the Fight Against COVID-19

Company's data scientists identify the need for consistent reporting by counties and states

NASHVILLE, TENN. (March 24, 2020) -- Perception Health, a leading provider of data intelligence services for the healthcare industry, announced today a new service to track the daily spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. The service shows the daily impact of COVID-19 on America's counties and local health systems. View the map.

“Being on the frontline of this disease in Freehold, New Jersey, I have seen firsthand the dedication of America’s healthcare workers,” says John Ulett, CIO, CentraState Health System. “Our community and hospital have been quickly impacted by cases and deaths. We need accurate reporting like the services Perception Health is providing to truly understand the daily spread and impact of the disease.”

Across the United States, 36% counties (1,125) are reporting cases regularly; 99 counties are not reporting at all. Cases reported by Tacoma, Washington and New York City-area counties represent 45.5% of the total volume in the U.S. (14,892 cases out of 32,714, reported as of midnight 3/22/2020).

“What’s really important right now is to get consistent reporting by county from each state,” says J. Tod Fetherling, CEO of Perception Health and an industry veteran in health data analytics. “We need each county and state to report Tests, Cases (confirmed positive), Deaths, and Recovered. This is the only way to accurately know how prevalent the virus is and where techniques are being the most effective in limiting the spread of the deadly disease," says Fetherling.

“Reporting data accurately and timely,” Fetherling continues, “provides additional insights and predictions to emerging demands in ways that will save lives. This is critical so federal, state and local agencies can mobilize appropriately and get the needed resources and supplies to those most in need. For those of us who handle industry data, this is our best way to support all the healthcare heroes on the front lines doing patient-centered care. Please contact your state health officials today and advocate for county-specific reporting,” says Fetherling.

According to officials at Perception Health, COVID-19 testing will continue to increase across the U.S., so the numbers of confirmed cases and deaths are expected to rise.

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