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Value-based care drives need for specific physician data

In a recent article in Healthcare Innovation titled "On the Horizon for Payer-Provider Collaboration: Intensified Data Work," Natalie Trebes, a senior researcher at Advisory Board, wrote the following:

“Where this is going is to more of this direction of clinician-specific steerage. There is this trend of plans, provider organizations, and employers looking at individual-clinician performance. The goal is, how do we get you to the highest-performing, most cost-effective specialists? And it will vary by specialty. So constructing a network around one organization is not as promising for employers and plans as being able to flexibly route volumes as it is to route patients towards specific specialists. And that goes hand in hand with the idea of achieving greater facility with data, and providing push notifications in the EMR that doesn’t drive clinicians crazy. So there are a lot of elements that will start enabling this more granular steering of patients to individual clinicians. I think that’s where this is heading.”

Why this matters
Since narrow networks have not proven their value and don't include high-performing providers needed in a value-based care model, employers need a data-based system that identifies the "highest-performing, most cost-effective specialists." Sounds like more people need to know about Perception Health's CARE platform and VOCAL Physician Matching, which enables hospitals and employers to identify healthcare providers based on the metrics of claims Volume, patient Outcome, sum of Charges, time to Access, and Loyalty.