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Wall Street Journal highlights Perception Health's market data, leadership

A recent article titled "Patients Seek Surgery to Combat Major Covid-19 Risk Factor: Obesity" in the healthcare business section of The Wall Street Journal highlights medical claims data provided by Perception Health and commentary from J. Tod Fetherling, CEO.

When the coronavirus spread across the country, hospitals curtailed elective and nonemergency surgeries in order to lower the risk of spreading the disease. Now with many hospitals scheduling elective surgeries again, the WSJ article details the dramatic rise of bariatric surgeries. These surgeries can "dramatically reduce a patient's body weight within months," which patients hope will help reduce their risk of a serious case of Covid-19.

After the lull during March to May, the volume of bariatric surgeries have rebounded higher than the level during the same month in 2019. "It's come back really strongly in June or July," says Fetherling in the article, "so we ought to see a surge through the fall."

One indicator that foretells an increase in bariatric surgeries is the rising number of enrollments by patients in weight-loss programs, which many insurance companies require before agreeing to cover the elective surgery. Read the full Wall Street Journal article (subscription required).

Healthcare providers:
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