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What would you do with a monthly snapshot that quantified your total revenue at risk, increase in market share, changes in physician loyalty, and other key metrics? Perhaps you'd make more informed decisions to grow your revenue and increase your foothold across your markets.

Perception Health's Monthly Executive Report is this snapshot.

Our Monthly Executive Report tracks market share, share of care, referral patterns, and quality care. It provides actionable insights by consolidating key measures of an effective strategy into one view. The report is comprehensive and well-designed to help you make holistic, data-driven decisions with the help of industry-leading analytics technology and the most complete data set.

Perception Health empowers clients to remain nimble and identify and capitalize on key shifts in patient, claims, and market patterns.

“Our clients tell us these insights are more critical today than ever due to the important shifts in patient and provider patterns. Traditional referral patterns have become more unstable with the expansion of online services, new competitive threats to traditional services, and new players entering the marketplace from vertical expansions.”

- J. Tod Fetherling, Chief Executive Officer, Perception Health

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