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v1.50 Release Notes

June 3, 2019
The TEAM Platform v1.50 update includes some major upgrades behind the scenes, along with front-end improvements that make information easier to access.


 Navigation has been reorganized, with the Primary Navigation consolidated in a left-sidebar.

Collapse/Expand: Navigation sidebar can be hidden to create more space for visuals and reports or expanded to see the full view.

User Profile access has moved to the primary navigation.

Create a Community feature is now featured in the primary navigation.

TEAM Platform Communities Icon

 Search is faster and more powerful.

Multiple Specialties Search: Search multiple specialties at once.

Dual Search: Search Physicians and Organizations at the same time.

TEAM Platform - Search Multiple Specialties

 Shortcuts will help you save time.

Recently Selected Organizations, Physicians, and Communities are easier to access by clicking the "

Reports Switching is faster and more convenient by clicking the "

TEAM Platform - Report Switching Shortcut

 Graphs load faster and they are now “screen aware” so they fill more of the available space.

Specialty graph is more than just a new name for Specialty Flow under Organizations, Physicians, and Communities. Users now have the ability to multi-select (in the physician and organization version) specialties for a column of nodes.

TEAM Platform Specialty Options

Market Makers  is the new name for the Market Map graph under Organizations.

Share/Volume is the new name for the Quadrant Analysis graph under Organizations.

Referral Map is the new name for the Geo Flow graph under Organizations and Physicians.

Care Pathways graph under Communities has been improved to show additional hover-over detail for each node and group the community as one entity to increase readability.

 Reports names have been updated for clarity and improved platform utility.

Shared Visits by Specialty is listed in the navigation directly below Shared Visits under Organizations, Physicians, and Communities.

Shared Visits by Organization is listed in the navigation directly below Shared Visits under Organizations, Physicians, and Communities.

Services is the new name for the Performance Report under Organizations and Physicians reports.

PCP/Specialist Volumes is the new name for the Summary report under Organizations.

Leakage is the new name for the Summary Leakage report under Organizations.

Service Line is the new name for the Service Line Summary report under Organizations and Physicians.

Prescriptions is the new name for the Part D Utilization report under Physicians.

Clinical is the new name for the Clinical Report under Communities.

 NPI Report Matching: Improved UX to help to resolve URLs where NPI/NPIs/report do not match

 Improved Community Functionality

Community Search: Users can populate a community search from other reports.  For example, if a user chooses to filter “Family Medicine” in a “Referral” report, then clicks the “Create a Community” button, those Family Medicine providers will be listed in the Community Search.

Create Communities has also been streamlined with a new menu allowing users to easily watch, share, name, and abbreviate the newly created community in one step.

Add to Community: Users can also add selected providers to an existing community using the "Add" tab while in the Create Community pop-up.

Community Abbreviations are now automatically suggested.

TEAM Platform - Create Communities

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