TEAM Platform
v1.55 Release Notes

October 24, 2019
The TEAM Platform version 1.55 update adds three enhancements to the Market Makers graph: The first helps users define a specific dataset they want to analyze. The second helps users compare groups of organizations using the new Market Makers Community Report. The third adds Tours to help users navigate through the above two new functionalities.


 Market Makers data selector

In the upper right corner on the Market Makers graphic, users will see a drop down menu that allows them to switch between Shared Visits, Unique Patients, and Same Day Visits. The selection will be displayed in the graph as well as in the .csv export.

•  Community Market Makers

1. The Market Makers graph (shown at the top of this page) can now analyze Communities comprised solely of "Organizations," meaning an Organizations Community cannot include any physicians.

2. The Community Market Makers graph will compare the market share of the providers to all types of organizations included in the community. For example, if you create a community of hospitals and clinics/centers, the graph will calculate market share of the providers to your community against the market share to all other hospitals and clinics/centers.

•  Tour Scripts

Both new graphics now have updated Tours to help users navigate the new functionality. Just click the button in the bottom left corner.

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