TEAM Platform v1.56
Release Notes

March 9, 2020
The TEAM Platform version 1.56 update fixes a few bugs and adds the new Trending Graph.

The Trending Graph
1. Aggregates data around distinct patients, claims, and total charges for any organization, provider, or community per month following the time frame of the TTM.

2. Can be applied to communities and further broken down by the specialties of the members of the community.

3. Is useful for tracking progress over time for newly implemented programs, your physician practices, and your competitors.

4. To avoid confusion with this new graph, the Physician graph previously called Trending has been renamed the Clinical Dashboard.


 Password reset

Certain users were experiencing problems resetting passwords if their contact information was not fully filled out in the system. This has been resolved.

•  Market Map

In certain cases the Market Makers graph would display clinical organizations in addition to physicians. This has been fixed.

•  Market Maker Report

The functionality to generate the Market Maker Report was greyed out on certain TTMs. This has been resolved.

•  Programming language

The platform was updated from Python 2 to Python 3.

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