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As a Healthcare Provider, you are under ever-intensifying pressure to grow, and have difficulty seeing and predicting trends and fully understanding the actions taking place to secure financial and operational success along with community health. You have a lot of data, but it is often incomplete or lacking context and the actionable insights that you need.

It’s time to discover the power of Perception Health’s analytics. Our platforms let you see and interact with the current picture of your referrals and clinical activity in your provider network, then highlight the strategic steps you can take to maximize profitable revenue now. You’re not going to believe what you can see — and do!

Why Perception Health?
Perception Health brings together the industry’s most complete clinical data framework and extraordinary analytical expertise to create the most powerful analytics platforms available. Our intuitive tools provide the insight you need to optimize your provider network and maximize revenue now.

Analytics as a Service
At Perception Health, we are more than an analytics platform provider. We are health system experts, committed to working alongside our customers to tailor and maximize the insights we provide to ensure your success.

We Are an Extension of Your Team
Let us do the messy, hard work of organizing data, managing physician rosters and service lines, and integrating your internal data to give you the most complete picture available of your market. We will then work with you to integrate and inform strategy across your entire organization.

With the TEAM™ platform, you can...

  • Visualize the flow of patients throughout your market with the Care Pathways and Specialty graphs
  • Measure physician loyalty and optimize your provider network with the Market Makers graph
  • See exactly what physicians across the market are doing in our Clinical Dashboard
  • Quantify the value of relationships with our Shared Visits Report
  • Read more about TEAM™

With the CARE™ platform, you can...

  • PREDICT patients at risk of diagnosis for 45+ disease states and help them begin the treatment process sooner
  • Identify the best physicians to treat patients based on disease state or condition using our VOCAL physician scoring tool
  • Optimize the care team to achieve the best outcomes for your patients at the lowest overall cost
  • Manage rising risk patients more effectively through predictive modeling
  • Read more about CARE™

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