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We Help Self-Insured Employers

Insurance Brokers, Benefits Consultants, Risk Management

Employers want happy, healthy, and productive employees. We provide a clear view of your employees' health and the risks they face, while helping lower costs and improving the quality of care they receive.

Our disease prediction models can highlight and target employees at risk for 45+ diseases. We can also help optimize your employees' journey to lower costs, improved care, and increased satisfaction.

With our CARE platform you can…

  • Reduce costs and improve quality by optimizing care networks with our VOCAL physician scoring application
  • Reduce costs by predicting which employees are at high risk for 45+ diseases and connect with them for low cost screenings
  • Define and improve employee journeys by selecting optimal providers in care management
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Benefits of Using CARE for Self-Insured Employers

  • Measure and trend the risk of diagnosis of 45+ diseases/conditions across your entire employee population
  • Early intervention for employees who are rising in risk can lead to better outcomes and lower overall costs of care

Identify the Best Physicians for your Employees

  • Our VOCAL platform will help you guide your employees to the best physician available to treat the specific condition they have

Improve Care Management / Care Coordination

  • Assemble the best care teams to treat your employees with our Care Pathway Optimizations
  • Achieve the best outcomes at the best prices, saving money for both your employees and your organization

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