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As a Healthcare Provider, you are focused on the lives of your patients, but you are under ever-intensifying pressure to grow. Not being able to see or predict trends in community health limits your ability to do either. You have a lot of data, but it is often incomplete or lacking context and the actionable insights that you need.

It’s time to discover the power of Perception Health. Our platform lets you see and interact with the current picture of your referrals and clinical activity in your provider networkired with a predictive element, you can visualize the strategic steps you can take to maximize community wellbeing as well as revenue. ‍

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Why Perception Health?
Perception Health brings together the industry’s most complete clinical data framework and extraordinary analytical expertise to create the most powerful analytics platform available. Our intuitive tools provide the insight delivered directly to you at the moment you need them. Some examples of the insights available in our

Market Makers

Prioritize physician liaison time or other outreach efforts to improve market share by targeting physicians with large patient panels who have an affinity for the selected hospital will prove more fruitful than running through a rolodex of market physicians.

Share Volume

A different view of Market Makers graph - but operates on the same principles with an addition of total charges driving the bubbles size. The thinking is based on the “BCG Growth-Share Matrix”.

floating point chart showing total charges

Clinical Dashboard

A raw look at the commercial claims associated with a physician. The user can filter by Service Line, Department, Anatomy, billing or location, or date performed. Organizations that want to invest in new clinical service lines can understand how those who perform it today operate. It can also service as a valuable tool for physician recruitment or acquisition by understanding how they practice.


Designed to show reciprocation in patient flow between the selected provider and other entities. The size of the grey line represents the shared visits volume FROM the selected provider (middle) to other providers (nodes) and the shared visits volume back TO the selected provider. Directionality is displayed by the arrows and the “ants” marching.

Provider Comparisons

Perception Health has created a physician scoring and matching algorithm that can assist in the selection of providers based on the metrics of claims Volume, patient Outcome, sum of Charges, time to Access, and Loyalty. The scores can be weighted differently depending on the preference of the user. VOCAL can find the optimal provider for patients, referring physicians, Accountable Care Organizations, health insurance plans, self-insured employers, physician recruitment professionals and more.

Disease Prediction

Our vision is to create a predictive health care industry that sees disease sooner, fosters care more precisely, and improves the human condition. It is critical to identify medical diagnosis risk and predict medical conditions to improve the lives of patients and give healthcare providers a chance at keeping patients as healthy as possible for as long as possible. It is time to stop waiting for sick patients to enter the system and begin proactively contacting people at risk to deliver personalized care.

Semantic Interoperability

Provides medical coding crosswalks that give you comprehensive service line, disease state, anatomy, and hospital department groupings. A robust API provides developers with programmatic access. There’s even a browser interface for those quick, one-off searches.

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