Initial Insights into Covid-19 Patients from Medical Claims Data

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Perception Health, a leading provider of data intelligence services for the healthcare industry, recently analyzed de-identified medical claims records to compile an analysis of patients diagnosed with the coronavirus Covid-19.

In March 2020, Perception Health began to compile and study data related to Covid-19. Initially, without official HCPCS/CPT or ICD-10 codes for the diagnosis of Covid-19, the company began a daily reporting process that included state and county data extraction and also published volume predictions that held true through April and into May.

In April 2020, CMS released the following diagnosis codes for identifying active patients with Covid-19:

Beginning in April, Perception Health began a process to filter Covid-19 claims and pull these claims into a separate database for ongoing analysis. Below is the early data and descriptive analytics associated with the complete patient histories of the active Covid-19 patients.

Total Unique Active Patients

67,797 active patients were selected for the study during the week of May 10, 2020. We filtered all patient histories to retroactively find the following co-morbidities associated with the patient population reviewed:


  • 21,263 of these patients had hypertension (31%)
  • 14,706 of these patients had diabetes (21%)
  • 12,103 of these patients had hyperlipidemia (18%)
  • 12,924 of these patients had a cancer diagnosis (19%)

Cancer Co-morbidities

  • Breast Cancer - 1,077 (8%)
  • Gastrointestinal - 2,808 (22%)
  • Genitourinary - 1,297 (10%)
  • Gynecological - 2,383 (18%)
  • Skin/Melanoma - 3,270 (25%)
  • Respiratory - 440 (3%)

Other Insights

  • 14,209 of these patients received the flu vaccine in the last 4 years (21%)
  • The mean number of claims per patient in the prior 4 years is 149 and the median is 65
  • There are 11,748 codes presenting an extremely diverse array of procedures
  • The top 5 procedures together represent only 13.92% of the overall procedures performed
  • The top 2 (99213 / 99214) refer to a general outpatient procedure
  • The third most common refers to outpatient personal care services
  • The fourth refers to Routine Venipuncture and/or Collection of Specimens
  • The fifth is a progress note documentation

Provider Profiles

  • Teladoc was the top rendering NPI among the active patients
  • 578 (0.85%) of these patients had undergone one or more previous hospitalizations
  • 83 territories are represented in this data set. A very small number of rendering NPIs are international, including Japan, Thailand, Canada, and the UK.

This is the first of many weekly Covid-19 data briefs Perception Health will post to assist researchers, providers, and policy makers in our combined efforts against the pandemic.

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