*Note: This page is just a repository of the complete list of reports - Summer 2020

Grow Your Market Share with Market Data Reports

These reports will help you grow market share, reduce leakage, and track referral patterns.
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Shared Visits | Discover the strengths of your relationships
Understand the strength of your relationships with clinical providers who drive more of the right patients to your organization.
Market Makers Trending | Market share trended by month

Track monthly changes in market share by patient visits or charges.
Market Share | Inpatient, Outpatient, ASC, SNF, HHA, Hospice, Physician, DME
Identify your market share by market.
Share of Care | What portion of the patient's wallet are you capturing?
Track the patients’ utilization over time to understand what portion of the business you are capturing.
Pre/Post 90-Day Patient Tracking - SAME as (9-Day| Track activity flows before and after an event
Follow the activity flow of patients, procedures, and diagnoses over a 90-day period either preceding or succeeding an event (i.e. emergency room visit).
Employed Physician Summary - Include? | Track referral patterns outside of your network
See the patient flows to and from your employed physicians. It's never been easier to capture more patients from the physicians who have the incentive to move market share. We can also report on affiliated and non-affiliated clinicians.

Dig deeper into your market's opportunities

Site Location - Include? | Select new sites with the industry's leading health analytics firm
We provide a detailed analysis and rank the new location opportunities in the markets you serve.
Market Opportunity Analysis - Include? | Get familiar with your market
Get a real-time view into your market: demographics, psychographics, and health service demand. We pair the leading mapping (GIS) software platform with the best claims data platform in the U.S. to give you a competitive advantage.
Physician Need Analysis - Include? | Identify your market's needs for more physicians
Understand the need for physicians within your market based on supply and demand.
Annual Data Packs - Include?| Pre-packaged reports for strategic planning
Combine all of our most popular reports and graphics into an easy to read format to drive your strategic decisions and help you focus on precision execution.
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