Shared Visits Report

Understand the strengths of your relationships with clinical providers who drive the right patients to your organization

How many patients do you share with all of your providers? And how many are they sharing with you?

Our Shared Visits Report quantifies the value of relationships with every physician and organization that you have shared patients with over the last 12 months. You will see the number of patients and visits that each provider sends to you, how many you’re sending to them, and how many of those were the same day.  You’ll also be able to trend this data on a monthly basis, as we will deliver updated reports to you at the beginning of each month.

Since our all payer claims database is the most robust in the industry, with Medicare claims through March, 2020, and Commercial claims through yesterday, you'll see the most complete picture of what’s happening in your market today - everything from EMS through Hospice, including Outpatient claims!

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