Map of Coronavirus Covid-19 Cases in U.S. Counties

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We have discontinued our daily collection and analysis of state and county reported data related to the Covid-19 coronavirus. This information is still available from state and local health agencies, national and local media, and the CDC. This change will allow us more time to do what we do best: assisting our clients in solving complex problems with actionable insights that lead to growth. We will periodically present new Coronavirus briefs and reports that further validate scientific findings or when we discover new insights that require further exploration through advanced analytics.

Note: We have received questions about the differences between our published numbers and other published numbers. Most published numbers for COVID-19 are sourced from official state or county health departments or the CDC. We have observed that other sites use numbers from news media sources that do not publish their original source, which we have decided not to use. Higher counts from the inclusion of published news sources may result in different numbers than what is provided by official health sites. Perception Health has decided to publish data only from official governmental sources.

In addition, we have noticed a growing trend by states to retroactively amend their reporting from several weeks (and up to a month) ago by adjusting total deaths and cases to reflect late-breaking testing data or coroner's reports. As such, there may be some discrepancies between state health departments websites and our projection data, especially near the start of April. These discrepancies are merely a byproduct of the continuing efforts by local health departments to provide updated historical data for every day since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Perception Health will adjust our data weekly to match the most accurate data reports from those health departments as their retroactive updates are published.