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J. Tod Fetherling

CEO / Data Geek

Market Map Search

I love our TEAM™ platform. It’s the best in the industry and the reason is simple: it’s easy to use. And that’s by design.

We built the platform so that anyone in the healthcare industry can login and immediately recognize value. Minutes after looking at a hospital's data with TEAM it's easy to identify millions of dollars in opportunities.TEAM empowers you to prioritize service lines and understand physician volumes, along with loyalty metrics. Not just your physicians, but every physician that shares a patient with you.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, and in your case, the data charts and graphs in TEAM may be worth thousands of patients and tens of millions of dollars to your hospital.

Specialty Flow of incoming physician referrals to an organization.

Our graphs allow you to visualize your local area network at a glance, quickly identifying the areas that need addressing immediately. One of my favorite TEAM features is the Market Map – it’s dead easy to use and incredibly powerful.

The Market Map is a graphical depiction of your market. It takes an “Asset” based approach to show where your market is heading and pinpoints specialties’ where you can have the most significant impact.

Visit the TEAM section of this site to learn more its capabilities, or contact us. We’ve love to schedule a personal demo and show you what we’ve built.