We Help Healthcare Partners

Healthcare Consultants, Software/Product Vendors, Financial Services, Market Research

We partner with companies that share our desire to improve the delivery of healthcare and the quality of people's lives.  With our robust medical claims data set and analytics platforms, we are helping our healthcare partners on strategic initiatives, such as:

  • Patient Engagement
  • Provider Network Optimization
  • Referral Management/Analysis
  • Digital Front Door Strategy
  • Risk Stratification / Rising Risk Trending
  • Disease Prediction
  • Value Based Pricing / Value Based Care
  • Physician Loyalty Scoring

Healthcare Consultants

  • Be better prepared for meetings with your hospital and health system customers with physician loyalty rankings for their organization
  • Analyze market trends across service lines and who the top providers are in any market
  • Evaluate physician practices or ancillary service providers (lab, imaging, etc.) for strategic alignment or acquisition for your customers based on actual claims history
  • See what your customers' competitors are doing and work with them to create more effective growth strategies
  • See all of the claims activity for any market to assist with Physician Needs Analysis, CHNA, and Medical Staff Development Plans
  • Utilize medical claims and demographic data for site selection and facility expansion analysis
  • Create targeted physician recruitment strategies based on medical claims analytics for your customers

Software / Product Vendors

We can provide data exports or API feeds to:

  • Augment your population health system with data on rising risk trending and disease prediction scoring
  • Import referral volumes (number of patients and visits) and physician loyalty scores to PRM and referral management systems
  • Get targeted information based on claims data to better help with business development efforts
  • Create and manage service line definitions within your PRM application with our CODE API

Financial Services / Market Research Firms

  • Objectively value physician practices and other organizations for M&A opportunities
  • Benchmark diagnosis and procedure volumes for any market in the U.S.
  • Benchmark utilization data for providers nationwide

Share Volume

A different view of Market Makers graph - but operates on the same principles with an addition of total charges driving the bubbles size. The thinking is based on the “BCG Growth-Share Matrix”.

floating point chart showing total charges

Referral Map

Map with dots representing referral relationships


Provider Comparisons

Perception Health has created a physician scoring and matching algorithm that can assist in the selection of providers based on the metrics of claims Volume, patient Outcome, sum of Charges, time to Access, and Loyalty. The scores can be weighted differently depending on the preference of the user. VOCAL can find the optimal provider for patients, referring physicians, Accountable Care Organizations, health insurance plans, self-insured employers, physician recruitment professionals and more.

Disease Prediction

Our vision is to create a predictive health care industry that sees disease sooner, fosters care more precisely, and improves the human condition. It is critical to identify medical diagnosis risk and predict medical conditions to improve the lives of patients and give healthcare providers a chance at keeping patients as healthy as possible for as long as possible. It is time to stop waiting for sick patients to enter the system and begin proactively contacting people at risk to deliver personalized care.





Graph of referral relations by specialty

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